Migration of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Data at an Automotive Supplier


The subsidiary of a large German automotive supplier used an ALM tool for requirements management of its products and for the management of test cases needed for requirements tracking. Additionally, the company documented the execution of test cycles with the respective results in this tool. However, for the required purposes, the use of the applied tool was limited. 

To solve this problem, the company decided to switch to another ALM tool and engaged Method Park to perform the migration of existing requirements and test artifacts. 

For this migration, it was particularly important to maintain the existing links between the individual artifacts or to establish new links. 


Duration of the project 

Approx. 1 year

2 Software Engineers

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Initially, the existing data had to be extracted from the old tool. Therefore, the Method Park team developed and implemented different ways to export requirements and test elements respectively. 

The exported data was subsequently analyzed and filtered together with the customer, so only relevant attributes were migrated and unrequired data was skipped or adjusted. 

The hierarchy of data structures in the old tool could not directly be taken over into the new tool, so the Method Park employees had to find solutions for the future development of data structures and the mapping. These solutions were supposed to enable a complete migration and efficient work for the future. 

The extracted artifacts were then imported and processed to create equivalent structures in the new software.

Subsequently, the links between requirements and the respective test cases were restored for traceability.

During this process, Method Park applied agile methods, so the team was able to promptly integrate and implement additional requests and changes by the customer. Method Park took over not only the implementation, but also the management of the project.




Possibilities to export data

Analysis and filtering of data records

Creation of new data structures

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With this approach, the Method Park employees realized a quick and smooth migration of data from the old into the new tool. 

With the previous filtering of attributes, the data records for migration were decreased which in turn eases the future work for the customer.

The links between the elements remained intact, so an interruption-free traceability of requirements is guaranteed. 

By switching to the new tool, the customer was able to solve the problems of the previous software and continues the work with the same data records thanks to the complete migration. 



Quick and smooth migration

Interruption-free traceability

Decrease of data records

Same data inventory