Stages Product Brochure

Process Management for Product Development

Simplify Processes – Master Complexity

  • Stages benefits overview
  • The most important features
  • Compact information at a glance


Successful Engineering with Process Management 4.0

This whitepaper introduces a methodical approach to address the engineering challenges of the modern-day industrial revolution.

  • The Industry 4.0 Paradigm
  • Engineering Change
  • Effective Process Management
  • The Methodology

Orchestrating Automotive Product Development and Operations

This paper describes how to overcome highly complex engineering practices and methods by transforming to an agile, flexible, and model-based Product Development Process (PDP).

  • Silos Abound, Can Technologies Help?
  • Reasons to Transform with a Model-based PDP
  • A PDP Framework That Helps
  • Processes from Different Viewpoints
  • Get the Next Organization Started with Process Modeling

WHITE PAPER: Safer Deployment of Automotive Innovations

This paper discusses how current industry challenges interconnect and have a common denominator: the processes used to manage the products across their life cycles.

  • Product development process baseline
  • Automakers are delivering faster innovation
  • Ensuring compliance while innovating
  • Safety standards need visible compliance
  • Managing overlapping, conflicting standards