Interview with Cummins

The biggest value of using Stages is the flexibility of the visualization. You can take very complicated processes, and with the abilities that Stages offers, you can zero in on different aspects of it, whether it's a role-based view, or whether it's a more function-based view, or whether it's a value stream. Or you have something like product compliance and you want to pull that work out, Stages enables you to have the flexibility to see that in different ways.

Rob Heathcote, Director of Product Development Quality, Cummins Inc.

Interview with Nexteer Automotive

All of our processes are mapped to ISO 26262, ISO 21434, and Automotive SPICE... When we do project instances of the global Stages, we look to see if there are tailorings, if they are still compliant with those standards, or if there are requirements that are missing. So it is more of an informed decision whether to go ahead with that tailoring or not to approve it.

Umesh Sambhari, Manager and Global Lead, Process Excellence Group, Nexteer Automotive

Interview with ZF

Using Stages is more user-friendly. Also, when it comes to the management process and also communicating with management and the engineering team, I feel like it adds more value there.

Sreedevi Honnuduki Rajanna, Software Quality Engineer, ZF

Interview with Geely Auto

We have been using the Stages tool from the very beginning and it has helped us a lot. Especially its meta-model can also help us to manage the elements encountered in process management to sort things out. Because the meta-model is based on best practices from Method Park (by UL Solutions), we were able to easily define the process ... Geely is now a global vehicle manufacturer. We have several compliance requirements. These requirements are well managed in Stages, and you can also do compliance mapping in Stages. Then we apply it to our actual project to tailor the standard process.

Li Yeyu, Director of System Processes, R&D Department, Geely Auto


For me as a compliance manager, Stages helps with an integrated compliance database. We can add and change standards and bring them to users so they can map the content to their process activities and artifacts.

Sina Wipfel, Reference Process Manager for Standardized Product Lifecycle Processes

Interview with LG

When organizations manage Roles and Responsibilities in Stages by defining roles and mapping them to responsibility for activities, it becomes clearer what information is needed for work.

Lee Hak-Jun, Principal Process Architect

Interview with APTIV

We decided to use Stages to address several key pain points like Automotive SPICE or disconnected processes … It really transformed the way we approach our process design.

Wayne Johnson, Global Program Management Process & Systems Manager

Interview with DENSO

I use Stages to help me navigate through the process … and be able to quickly go and pull out the templates I need to be able to do my work.

Pa Vang, Manager Engineering Process Group

Interview with DENSO

Stages helps me and my engineers to work better as a team. When someone contributes to a process on one end, you can have it released to the end users overnight.

Ievgenii Vasiuk, Engineering Process Group


Stages 通过在一个正式系统中获取我们所有的知识和所有流程元素,极大地帮助我们进行了改进——并且所有这些都相互关联。它有助于让我们摆脱对管理单个 Excel 文件和 PowerPoint 文件的流程的旧思维方式。

Nick Wilmot, General Motors, 业务流程主管



Shamron Awwal, Siemens, 高级流程工程师



Kyle Gehan Honeywell Aerospace 高级经理


当我执行Automotive SPICE®评估的时候,团队用Stages来证明他们是如何良好执行评估工作的。

James Greenfield, Continental 高级流程和评估顾问



Travis Foust, General Motors 算法设计开发工程师


Stages 通过在公司内建立完善体系的通用术语和成熟的模型来实现通用产品生命周期。

Harald Wilhelm, Continental 北美。 流程和标准总监


Stages 帮助我们去思考如何精简我们的流程,创建更多的分支,以便于更加容易地建模并将他们连接到其他流程中。

Jason Hall, ZF 工程质量经理


我认为,这一切都是关于关系和大家互相学习的意愿…. 我们总是在做一些交流,而您(Method Park)总有一些新的想法。我很满意,您是我们最好的供应商之一。

Craig Brown, General Motors Company. PLM 领导


我们的客户正在开发非常复杂的系统。 Stages使他们能够定义其流程并和全球的工程师协调工作。

Drew Bailey, Accenture Consulting 顾问经理


Jeffrey Brehm, Accenture Consulting 常务董事


Stages 帮助系统工程设计部门定义可以使我们的流程更高效的机遇,并且辩认一些在基于文件的流程中无法识别的漏洞。

Teresa McCarthy, Lockheed Martin, 质量掌控工程师 高级航天航空


在传统的职能企业经常会有孤岛结构。通过stages我们可以理解到群体之间的依赖性,以及他们对互相的输入输出的依赖程度 。

Shriram Patki, Nexteer Automotive , 工程经理