Orchestrated Process Execution

Processes need to be used in practice. While this is well understood for typical business processes, it is challenging when developing and supporting complex products. In those environments, different PLM, ALM, and other planning and workflow tools are being used to execute different parts of the engineering processes.


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In contrast to BPMN and similar modeling techniques, the process logic in Stages can be separately modeled from the technical task execution and platform details. With our approach, the same process can be executed in different execution environments in different parts of the business. All processes can be derived from the same organizational standard process, which is mapped to the regulations and industry standards to show evidence of compliance.


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Processes modeled in Stages can be mapped to so-called activator elements that orchestrate the process execution in Atlassian Jira or IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (aka. RTC/Jazz).

Stages comes with predefined activator types. The “Step-by-step” activator executes all workflow activities sequentially as defined by their predecessor/successor relationships. The “All-at-once” activator creates all tasks of a workflow in one step. Users can start those workflows directly from Stages. Alternatively, they can also be triggered by external events. As most execution environments are customized, activators can also be scripted for maximum flexibility.


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